The Greatest Cameras of All Time

The Kodak, 1888

Revolutionary point-and-shoot camera, $25, circular pictures, rollfilm, no adjustments, developed by Eastman, created photofinishing industry.

Leica I (aka model A), 1925

Revolutionary 35mm camera, mass-produced, established format, iconic design, high performance, 50mm lens, automatic features, prized by collectors.

Kine Exakta I, 1936

First widely distributed 35mm SLR, trapezoidal design, left-handed controls, cloth shutter, versatile system camera, pioneering.

Rolleiflex Automat, 1937

Iconic TLR camera, influential design, integrated features, convenient controls, sought-after collector's item.

Polaroid 95, 1948

Revolutionary instant-picture camera, developed photos inside, sensation since 1948, robust design, iconic success, paved the way for instant photography.

Leica M3, 1954

Finest 35mm rangefinder, advanced features, precise operation, iconic design, influence on modern Leica cameras.

Nikon F, 1959

Legendary pro SLR, modular design, enduring F mount, leading 35mm camera, versatile system, durable and reliable.

Olympus OM-1, 1973

Ultra-compact SLR, compact revolution initiator, full-featured, match-needle metering, interchangeable screens, motor/winder compatible, extensive lens system.

Pentax K1000, 1977

Volkswagen Bug of SLRs, simple, affordable, long production, Pentax K-mount, match needle metering, reliable shooter, popular among fans.

Minolta Maxxum 7000, 1985

Revolutionary autofocus SLR, Maxxum 7000, influenced industry, integrated AF, motorized, multiple modes, Sony's legacy.

Nikon NC2000 AP, 1994

AP's DSLR, 1.3 MP, removable PC cards, pioneering but limited, successful despite cost.

Apple QuickTake, 1994

0.3 MP, 8/32 photo capacity, no review/deletion on camera, built-in flash, autoexposure-only, limited sales but influential for digital imaging.