The Mythology of your Star Sign




"Aries: The fiery first sign of the zodiac, fiercely competitive, bold, and ambitious. Read more about Aries and thisAries, the first Zodiac sign, symbolizes the ram from Greek mythology. Its golden fleece was sought by Jason and the Argonauts in a legendary quest. month's horoscope."



vTaurus symbolizes the white bull from Greek mythology. Zeus transformed into a bull to kidnap Europa, leading to the birth of the Minotaur and the infamous labyrinth.



Gemini twins Castor and Pollux were born mortal and immortal respectively, embarking on heroic adventures and earning a place as stars in the heavens.



Cancer, the crab, gained its place among the stars through its loyalty and sacrifice in aiding Hercules against the Hydra.



Hercules battled and conquered the invincible Nemean lion, whose impenetrable skin and fierce strength posed a great challenge.



Virgo, associated with fertility and harvest, is linked to goddesses like Ishtar, Isis, Ceres, and Demeter. Astraea, a caretaker of humanity, is believed to be the constellation Virgo in the heavens.



Libra, symbolized by the Scales of Justice, is the only zodiac sign represented by an inanimate object. They are elegant, artistic, rational, and community-oriented, making them great philosophers, artists, and mediators. They reject dominance and seek justice in all areas of life.



Scorpio, based on the myth of Orion, tells the story of punishment and immortalization. Orion's attempt to harm Artemis leads to a scorpion battling and killing him. Both are immortalized in constellations, forever locked in battle.



Sagittarius: Sumerian god Nergal, Roman confusion with Chiron. Guided Argonauts. Crotus, son of Pan, invented bow and arrow. Hunter and archer.



Capricorn: Sea-Goat god Ea in Babylonian myth, Pan in Greek myth. Supports Zeus, transformed into constellation. Pan flute from nymph Syrinx.



Aquarius: Ganymede, cup bearer to gods. Zeus in love, Hera jealous. Ganymede helps people with rain. Positive for Greeks, Egyptians; negative for Babylonians. Parallel to Hadrian and Antinous.



Pisces: Typhon threatens gods. Pan warns; gods hide as animals. Venus and Cupid saved as fish by water nymphs.