The Role of Exercise in a Husky's Life

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Walking and Running

Essential for hands-free leash: strong, durable bungee. Absorbs shock when dog pulls away, ideal for running togethe


Huskies love outdoor adventures! They enjoy fresh air, exploring scents, and conquering obstacles while hiking


Cycling is great exercise for huskies, but ensure proper gear and awareness of speed. Consider a bicycle leash like Walky Dog for safety

Agility Training

Agility training enhances a husky's quickness and control. They adore it! Ensure proper training protocols for a successful experience

Playing Games

Engage your husky with games like fetch, frisbee, tug of war, or hide and seek. Physical exercise and mental stimulation combined

Sled and Race Dog Training

Huskies enjoy pulling exercises like sled-pulling, but not all may be receptive. Respect their preferences and don't force them.


Swimming offers endurance exercise and cooling for Huskies. Though not natural swimmers, with training and patience, they can enjoy the water

The Best Surface to Walk on

Safe surfaces for Husky walks: grass, trails. Beware hot pavement


Ensure proper nutrition for your husky's training. It improves their state of mind and allows for command training during meal times


Balance training with relaxation. Provide puzzle toys or a Kong to reward your husky's good behavior and give them mental stimulation.


Use veterinary exams as training opportunities for your husky. Practice leash control, attention, sit/wait commands, and building trust in a distracting environment


Love your husky every day. They're your loyal best friend, so cherish them and enjoy the amazing companionship they bring.