The Worst First Date Colors Per Relationship Experts

Dirt, an overripe banana, and the feces emoji. These are all things we connect with brown, so you may want to avoid it on a first date.


Wasser believes brown might be drab or conservative, which may not convey the enthusiasm and anticipation of a future romantic connection.

Relationship experts call gray "unapproachable and dull". It may seem overly impartial, making one seem uninterested in the date. 


Gray works well as an accent color. CEO Lisa Lawless says it's boring and may cause alienation on a first date.

Avoid going too bold with your wardrobe on a first date. Bright colors can make you appear flashy or like you're trying too hard.

Bright Colors

Your potential partner should focus on you, not your clothes. These colors can be "highly distracting" and may not be the best impression to create.

Yellow, the brightest color, may send the wrong message. It's associated with friendship and caution, not love connections.


Dating expert Rikki Dymond warns yellow is not a subconscious color for love. It's best to avoid yellow to avoid mixed signals.

Black can make you look sophisticated and mysterious on a first date, according to experts. However, an all-black outfit may seem morbid or unapproachable.

Too Much Black

Adding a touch of color to your outfit breaks it up and makes it more tasteful and approachable, notes Lawless.

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