The Zodiac Sign Prone to Lateness Per Astrologers

Leos ambition often leads to overbooking, but their popularity allows for lateness without upsetting loved ones," explains astrologer Hana O'Neill.


O'Neill says Leos prefer a dramatic entrance and believe events don't start until they arrive, loving the affection and approval they receive despite being late.

"Cancer's perpetual lateness stems from their desire for perfection and self-consciousness," says astrologer Emily Newman. Punctuality stresses them.


Cancers prioritize perfecting their appearance over punctuality. Don't get too upset with them when they're late—they're doing their best.

Aries are constantly on the go, juggling multiple commitments, but struggle to arrive punctually despite their busy schedules.


Their tendency to be late stems from their tendency to take on too much and not prioritize time management.

The easygoing nature of this zodiac sign results in poor time management skills, with planned events not being a priority.


According to O'Neil, time is a man-made construct, and this free spirit won't be constrained by it.

Geminis, the multitaskers, lead busy lives, managing work, relationships, and social engagements. They are constantly on the move.


Gemini's tendency to get easily distracted contributes to their perpetual lateness. They often get caught up in conversations along the way.

"Aquarius, the perpetually tardy air sign, has a knack for arriving fashionably late, even on significant occasions," explains Newman. Punctuality is not their forte.


Newman further adds, "With their minds constantly buzzing with ideas, Aquarius tends to lose track of time and neglect their obligations."

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