The Zodiac Sign With Least Emotional as Per Astrologers

You won't get inside this sign. Scorpios feel intensely, but they don't show it, says Tay Francis, a human design, astrology, and self-empowerment coach. 


They don't like to show their emotions, and it takes a lot for them to trust others. They may appear aloof or put on a front if you're not in their tight circle.

Taurus cares about job, not love. Coach and astrologer Linda Berry says they value money, possessions, and resources. 


Bull signs relentlessly pursue power. They prefer discussing continuing education programs to coworkers' interests and relationships.

This sign might be frigid. Berry believes Aries are emotionless, aggressive, and competitive with a strong drive to win. 


Like the mythical Ram, their symbol, they never give up, especially in strength. They may not care if they hurt others to succeed, especially at work.

Aquarius rejects others. Francis says Aquarians enjoy their own rebellious hobbies and are emotionally disconnected. 


Aquarians tend to leave partnerships with too much emotional drama. They're loners and don't like emotional individuals.

Another indicator focused on goals rather than feelings. Francis believes Capricorns are analytical and strategic, valuing facts and solutions over emotions. 


Saturn, the god of limitations and duties, rules Capricorn. Emotional talks challenge this indicator. Francis thinks they're uninterested.

Gemini, the least emotional sign, excels at hiding true feelings and adapting their personality. They can lie effortlessly to avoid emotional vulnerability.


Gemini tends to use sarcasm to deflect emotional situations, making them less ideal for seeking support during tough times.

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