Therapists List 5 Signs Your Partner Is Jealous

Insecurity can cause envy, which can ruin your relationship.  They may feel unworthy of you if their appearance changes.

They damage the relationship

They may distrust and accuse you. Cheating accusations may result. Partnerships must handle insecurity and jealousy to maintain trust and communication.

A supportive partner is essential. Ribarsky suggests confronting your partner's passive-aggressive envy if it hinders your progress. Counseling helps.

They downplay your successes

Ribarsky says you can't stop your partner from being jealous. Personal feelings. Self-care and positive people matter.

Similarly, if your partner is still being nice to you, but the compliments seem hidden behind your back, they may be trying to tell you that they're envious.

They criticize you differently

"Although they may say all the right things, the compliments may actually feel over the top, insincere, and sarcastic," adds Ribarsky.

Another sign that your partner is feeling envious or intimidated is if they aren't honoring the boundaries you've established in the relationship.

They disrespect boundaries

According to Levin, your significant other might "follow you or read your texts and emails looking for potential clues to support their assumptions about you."

If your partner gets angry or annoyed by things that never bothered them before, it's a clear sign of jealousy, according to Hubscher

They're bothered by little things

For instance, if they lash out because you forget to put the cap back on the toothpaste, you should take note

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