Therapists Lists 5 Relationship Things Never Let Slide

Watch out for your partner's teasing boundaries, especially around others.  Insults or derogatory terms are unacceptable and should be addressed.

Public humiliation

These actions are aggressive and aim to make the partner appear as the "good guy." Ignoring it could harm the relationship's connection and problem-solving abilities.

Trust is essential for a healthy relationship, says psychologist David Tzall. Broken trust leads to insecurity and hurt, hindering progress.

Broken trust

Relationship expert Kerry Lauders advises addressing and rebuilding broken trust immediately to prevent further damage, even if the relationship can continue.

Kelman warns that while occasional jealousy is normal, possessiveness in a relationship can become problematic and unappealing quickly.

Ongoing jealously

It's important to address jealousy early on since it can often escalate into controlling behavior, which can worsen over time.

Core values should remain aligned in a relationship. A lack of compatibility may indicate deeper problems, warns psychologist Sarah Watson.

Compromised values

Discuss and respectfully resolve opposing values. If compromise isn't possible, the couple may not be right for each other.

Excusing a partner's lack of communication is not okay as relationships cannot thrive without healthy communication, warns Kelman.

A lack of communication

Tzall thinks misconceptions and tensions can lead to relationship dissolution without good communication.

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