Tips for Avoiding Injuries While Exercising.

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Take time for a proper warm-up

Prevent injuries! Warm up before workouts: 5-10 mins of active warm-up, like walking or dynamic stretches. Avoid static stretches alone.

Don’t overestimate your abilities

Be realistic about your abilities. Start slowly, avoid injuries. Ease into exercise, find your training sweet spot


Vary exercises wisely for better results. Avoid overuse injuries and complacency. Engage different muscles, improve strength.

Learn proper technique

Learn proper form for safe training. Seek professional guidance. Take it slow, avoid injuries, reap long-term benefits.

Eat a balanced diet

Fuel your body right for optimal performance. Eat balanced meals/snacks around training. Prioritize protein post-workout for muscle recovery.

Drink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated for safe workouts. Drink 16 oz 2 hrs before, sip water every 15 mins during exercise. Replenish with 16 oz post-workout.

Dress for your sport

Prevent injuries with proper attire. Wear fitted clothing, suitable shoes. Research, get fitted for the right shoes.

Listen to your body

Stop if it hurts. Assess, adjust or rest. Avoid injury. Seek professional guidance if needed.

Don’t skip rest days

Rest days aid recovery and muscle growth. Take 1 day off every 3-5 workouts. Listen to your body. Start fitness journey with precautions, enjoy exploring!