Tips for Doggone Fun and Safe Workouts

Open Hands

Dog Walk Route

Let your pup lead the way! Discover new places, smells, sights, and friends on walks. Keep them safe near roads and go at dusk or dawn to beat the heat.

Hide Toy at Home

Hide your dog's toy, make them find it, and bring it back for some brain training. Praise and pet them as a reward

Spice Up Your Fetch Game

Keep your energetic pup active by combining their fetch with your HIIT workout. Throw, exercise, and repeat until you're both tired!

Hiking With Your Hound

Discover dog-friendly hikes in Arkansas for all ages and abilities. Enjoy scenic trails in the Natural State with your furry companions

ry Your Paws at Trail Running

Trail run with your dog for exercise and fun! Check breed suitability, consult your vet, start with shorter trails, and watch for heat exhaustion.

Go for a Swim

Different dogs, different personalities. Some love water! Have fun with water fetch or backyard pool play. Summer pool pawties rock

“Doga” Style

Relax and bond with your dog through yoga. Join a soothing YouTube or Zoom class and enjoy a calming workout together. Breathe, flow, and repeat


ideal dog exercise, great for both pooch and owner. Fetch fun, practice swings. No backhand skills required

Sled Pulls

"Outdoor workout: Attach weights to your dog's harness for weight pulling. Strengthens bond, prevents boredom. Woof it out, bro!"

Exercise+Doggy Daycare

Exercise alone, drop off your dog at Hounds Lounge for group fun. Bike or run Arkansas trails, return to a happy pup

Let your dog choose your walk route

Let your pup lead: new places, smells, sights, furry friends. Guide safety, avoid heat. Variety is the spice of life!