Tips for Healthy Relationships

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No one can be everything we might want them to be. Healthy relationships mean accepting people as they are and not trying to change them

Keep expectations realistic


Talk with each other.

It can't be said enough: communication is essential to healthy relationships.


Be flexible

It is natural to feel uneasy about changes. Healthy relationships allow for change and growth.


Healthy relationships are mutual, with room for both people’s needs

Take care of yourself, too


If you make plans with someone, follow through. If you take on a responsibility, complete it. Healthy relationships are trustworthy

Be dependable


Conflict in relationships doesn't mean dislike. Cool down before discussing to prevent regretful words. Productive conversations matter. #RelationshipAdvice

Fight fair


According to relationship researcher John Gottman, happy couples have a ratio of 5 positive interactions or feelings for every 1 negative interaction or feeling.  Express warmth and affection

Be affirming


Healthy relationships allow space for personal interests. Seek fulfillment beyond others, engage in activities you love. Balance is key. #RelationshipAdvice

Keep your life balanced


Don't worry about fitting in instantly. Healthy relationships take time and practice. Everyone has concerns. Keep learning and growing. #Relationships

It’s a process.


 It’s much easier and more fun to be authentic than to pretend to be something or someone else. Healthy relationships are made of real people.

Be yourself