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Tips for Introducing Your Pet to a New Partner

Introducing a significant other to your dog can be nerve-wracking, as dogs can be possessive about their home turf.


Dogs may see the new person as competition for attention and affection from their owner.


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To make the introduction easier, bring home an item of clothing with your partner's scent and let your dog sniff it before giving a reward.

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To avoid territorial behaviour, introduce your dog to your significant other at a park or outside cafe.


Let your dog approach your date first, while he or she stands sideways and avoids direct eye contact.


Supply your date with extra-special treats that he or she can feed the dog to create positive associations.


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Repeat this process until your date is able to pet the dog, rewarding the pup with treats after every few strokes.

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Meet on neutral territory for the first few visits, and always supervise interactions between your partner and your dog.


If your dog displays any signs of discomfort, stress or aggression during interactions, consult with your veterinarian for guidance and advice.


With patience and positive reinforcement, your dog can learn to accept and even enjoy the presence of your significant other.


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