Tips for practicing morning yoga

Yellow Dots

Mountain PoseMountain Pose

Start your mornings with Mountain Pose for a calm, grounded energy. It's a meditative posture that activates your body while relaxing your mind, providing a transformative start to your day.

Cat and Cow pose

Wake up your spine with Cat-Cow pose flow. Reclaim mobility and release tension in your back and neck, syncing breath with movement for a mindful practice.


Start your day with Child's Pose for a gentle release of tension in the back, shoulders, and chest. Reconnect with your breath and prepare your body for the day ahead.


Start your morning routine with Hero pose (Virasana) for improved posture and a deep stretch. Set intentions for the day and connect with your body through Pranayama.

Sun Salutation A

Embrace the energizing Sun Salutation sequence to warm up, increase flexibility, and cultivate positivity. Connect with your breath and greet the day with gratitude.

Cobra pose

Boost your creativity and confidence with Cobra pose. This invigorating backbend stimulates energy, posture, and hormonal balance, while activating digestion.

Low Lunge pose

Combat the effects of sitting with a morning low lunge variation. Energize your hip flexors, stretch arms and torso, and prepare for the day ahead.

Camel pose

Elevate your morning flow with empowering deep breaths in Camel pose. This heart opener energizes and prepares you to conquer the day ahead.

Chair pose

Ignite your day with Chair pose for clarity, balance, and groundedness. Activate your lower body muscles and invite openness in your morning practice.

Parivrtta Utkatana

Enhance Chair pose with the twisting variation. Increase circulation, wake up internal organs, promote detoxification, and improve balance and focus.

Dancer pose

Boost your morning with invigorating Dancer pose. Improve balance, flexibility, and create an open mindset for possibilities.