Tips to keep you and your house cool this summer

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Close your blinds

Close blinds, cool home. Use block-out curtains to shield from summer sun. Keep north/west-facing windows covered for maximum cooling.

Block the heat

Reduce heat entry, lower cooling costs. Use external coverings, trees, window tinting, and insulation to shade, preserve warmth, and save energy.

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Adjust ceiling fans

rotate counter-clockwise in summer, clockwise in winter. High speed for warm weather, low for cool. Complement other cooling methods for maximum effectiveness.

Close doors and seal gaps

close unused room doors, seal gaps, and use draught excluders. For evaporative AC, open doors/windows for better airflow.

Hang out in the evening

Close windows during the day, open them in the evening for natural cooling. Cook outdoors to avoid heating up your home. Enjoy the cool breeze!

Chill out, not chill on

Cool off with cold drinks, damp cloth on neck, or cold shower instead of relying on the air-conditioner. Stay refreshed!

Hack a fan

Turn your fan into a mist machine with a bowl of ice in front. Enjoy a cool and budget-friendly breeze!

Choose cotton

Stay cool with breathable cotton fabrics. Opt for light, loose clothing and cotton sheets for a comfortable night's sleep.

Change your lightbulbs

Swap out incandescent lightbulbs for energy-saving ones to cool your home and save on energy costs. Stay cool and efficient!