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Top 10 Tips To Strengthen Your Pet Bond  

Positive reinforcement strengthens bond between you and dog.  Working together to solve problems makes you stronger.

Train Together

Spend quality time with your dog. No distractions, just you and your pup.  They'll appreciate it more than you know.

Have Quiet Time Together

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Compete Together

Compete with your dog in a sport that suits you both - from dog dancing to agility.  Sharing the struggles and triumphs will bring you closer together.

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Feed Him / Her

Instead of free-feeding, feed your dog by hand to strengthen your bond. Use meals for training to become the "giver of all good things."


Respect your dog's likes and dislikes to build trust and a stronger bond.  Focus on what your dog wants, not just what you want.

Respect Him / Her

Make activities your dog hates, like baths, positive by using treats, toys, and gradual introductions. Turning it into a trick can also help.

Make Every Experience Positive

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Play Together

Spending time playing with your dog is crucial! It enhances your relationship and strengthens your bond. Plus, your furry friend will love it!

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Build Trust Together

Build a strong bond with your dog through trust. Avoid aversive training and don't call your dog for punishment. Remain calm and trustworthy.


A house with clear rules leads to a happier dog and a better bond. Don't be inconsistent, set rules both of you can live with, and stick to them.

Set Rules

Take your best friend on your next trip to strengthen your bond through new adventures. Don't leave them behind - they'll love it!

Travel Together

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