Top 11 Symbolism of the Peacock

Palm Leaf

National Pride

1. "The peacock, a symbol of pride, adorns Serpukhov's coat of arms, representing the city's rich heritage. Located in Moscow region."

The Changing of the Seasons

Restless peacocks predict disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes by becoming agitated as severe weather approaches.

Love and Consent

Peacocks display their beauty to attract females, perform stunning dances, scare off predators with their feathers, and compete for companions.


Peacock: symbol of wisdom, immortality, pride, and beauty. In Hinduism, it's revered as a sacred royal bird with its tail symbolizing universal beauty.


The image of a peacock in the home is also considered a talisman of protection and harmony.

Bad Luck

Peacock feathers linked to spells, bad luck, and evil spirits in some countries. English superstition warns of troubles for families with peacock feathers at home.


Peacock's pride used to insult arrogance. "Peacocking" refers to males overly concerned with appearance, fashion, and material wealth, seeking attention.

Transformation and Victory

"A 1960s suburban girl's life takes a turn when a charming playboy enters the picture. A captivating coming-of-age tale."

Interpretations of Peacocks in Dreams

Peacocks in dreams: warnings and omens of imminent happiness and prosperity. Caution about trusting others, prompting thoughtful consideration of future steps.