Training Tips for Your New Dog

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Choose Your Dog's Name Wisely

"Choosing a training-friendly name is key: short with a strong ending like 'Jasper.' Changing a dog's name is possible, especially for fresh starts. Associate their name with positive experiences, making it fun and enjoyable.

Decide on the House Rules

Set clear boundaries before your pup arrives. Define furniture access, house areas, and dining rules. Establishing early rules prevents confusion for both of you

Set Up a Private Den

"Provide dogs with a private sleeping space like a crate. It offers comfort, safety, and aids housetraining. Reward calm behavior in their den

Help Your Dog Relax

Make your puppy feel at home with a warm hot-water bottle and ticking clock near their sleep area. It provides comfort and mimics litter mate warmth. Important for shelter dogs. Create a soothing environment for a happy forever home

Reward Good Behavior

"Reward good behavior with positive reinforcement: toys, love, praise, and treats like DENTASTIX™. Avoid rewarding bad behavior to prevent confusion

Teach Your Pup to Come When Called

Teach your pet to come using their name. Get down to their level, be excited, and reinforce with rewards. Practice in distracting situations for a well-trained dog

Train on 'Dog Time'

"Address bad behavior immediately using your chosen training technique. Dogs live in the moment, so prompt correction helps them make the association. Consistency and repetition solidify their learning

Discourage Jumping Right Away

"Address jumping by turning away and ignoring. Wait for them to settle, then reinforce with positive attention. Avoid encouraging jumping behavior.

Say No to Biting and Nipping

Discourage biting by pretending pain with a sharp yell. Offer a chew toy as a trade. Interrupt and ignore if necessary. Redirect and reinforce appropriate chewing behavior

End Training Sessions on a Positive Note

"Reward your dog's training efforts with praise, treats, petting, or playtime. They'll be eager for future sessions. Consider spaying/neutering for improved behavior and training success