Types of Graphic Design Jobs To Explore


Photo editor

Photo editors manipulate and enhance images using Photoshop. They adjust lighting, colors, and add elements. It's a career bridging photography and graphic design.

Apparel graphic designer

Apparel graphic designers create original images for clothing, considering the brand's audience. They use CAD programs and limited colors for screen printing and embroidery designs.

Logo designer

Logo designers create visually compelling graphics that represent brands. They research target demographics and choose colors and shapes to establish brand identity.

Packaging designer

Packaging designers create functional and visually appealing packaging that protects products during shipping and communicates key information to customers.

Web designer

Web designers create web pages, develop layouts, and design graphics for websites, working closely with brand and marketing teams to ensure a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

Multimedia designer

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Multimedia designers create animated images and videos using art and computerized animation programs for various fields like film, TV, and video games.

Advertising designer

Advertising designers create visually compelling marketing materials using graphic design, sketching, and photography for various platforms and listen to feedback to perfect the final design.

Publication designer

Publication designers create visually appealing layouts, graphics, and images for printed materials such as annual reports, books, and catalogs to enhance readability and convey information effectively.

Art director

Art directors guide the design team's vision, oversee artwork, and collaborate with clients or sales teams to ensure a consistent brand image.

User interface (UI) designer

UI designers ensure webpages and electronic programming are user-friendly, working with UX designers and coding experts to execute the design vision.