Types of Love in Relationship


Love Agape

Agape: Radical, selfless love. Extends to all - family, friends, strangers. Caritas in Latin, meaning charity.

Friendship Love

Greek love valued over Eros. Developed between loyal comrades. Sacrifices, shares emotions. Seen in friendships today.

Playful Love

Affectionate love between children/youth. Flirting, teasing in early stages. Ludic with strangers, substitutes sex. Uncommitted, often involves deception.

Love Of The Self

Greek self-love with two types. Unhealthy: narcissism, obsession with fame and fortune. Healthy: capacity for love, self-enhancement.

Affection Love

Attraction, infatuation, fondness. Rare state of mind/body, linked to love. Influences psychology, philosophy. Expressed through words, gestures, touches.

Human Bonding

Development of close relationships in families, friends, groups. Interactive, mutual, attachment-based. Drives family dynamics. Male bonding: shared activities. Female bonding: forming close relationships.

Conjugal Love

Intimacy, commitment without passion. Experienced by all. Long-term couples without marriage can have conjugal love. Marriage after many years exemplifies it.

Compassionate Love

Altruistic love. Researched since the 1990s. Related to unlimited love. Different from compassion, romantic love, and altruism.

Courtly Love

Medieval European literary concept. Nobles engage in adventures for courtly love. Entertainment for nobility, enriching practice. Originated in Provence, Champagne, Aquitaine, Sicily, Burgundy.

Falling in Love

Transition from neutrality to love. Mental, chemical, timing factors involved.

Unrequited Love

One-sided, strong romantic affection. Beloved unaware. Common experience, often starts as love at first sight.