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Uncovering the Self-Doubt in Dating

 Admitting to being chronically single isn't easy, especially when it comes to dating.

Despite insisting that dating doesn't matter, the truth is that it makes the author feel bad about themselves.

 The dating process can be terrifying, with no one wanting to commit or vocalize their intentions.

Dealing with men who react poorly to rejection is exhausting and frustrating.

Seeing other successful women in relationships can make the author feel jealous and ashamed of their own success.

Competition with other single women is draining and discouraging.

The prevalence of cheating and infidelity in relationships is disheartening.

The pressure to be in a relationship can make the author feel bad even when they know they shouldn't.

Having to constantly prove to relatives and others that the author is dating can be exhausting.

 Seeing others in successful relationships can serve as a painful reminder of the author's own single status.

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