Understanding your kitten's behaviour


Your kitten's body language

Understand your kitten's body language to meet their needs. Learn their cues for space, play, and food.


Recognize your kitten's neutral state to understand their body language. Learn their friendly behavior for subtle changes.

Guiding behaviours

Guide your kitten's behavior by reinforcing positive actions from their early socialization. Minimize negative behaviors through gentle guidance.

What causes unwanted behaviour in kittens?

Establish a routine for your cat's comfort. Destructive behavior may indicate stress. Consider hidden causes and provide positive reinforcement.

Your kitten's grooming habits

Kittens self-groom for cleanliness and emotional well-being. It goes beyond removing dirt and loose hairs.

The evolution of a cat's behaviour

Cats maintain independence from humans despite domestication. They retain physical and behavioral traits of wild ancestors like the African Wildcat.

Kitten behaviour explained

Unusual kitten behavior often has reasons behind it. Explore explanations for their behavior below.

Kitten grooming

Support your kitten's grooming and hygiene needs: brush their coat, bathe them, care for their nails and teeth.

Your kitten's health

Monitor kitten behavior for health changes, learn how to keep them healthy, and know when to visit the vet.