Unforgettable Romantic Gestures, According to Experts

A love letter is a meaningful and inexpensive way to express love, which can be cherished forever.

Write them a love letter

A handwritten poem or prose is a deeply romantic gesture that shows effort and appreciation for the relationship.

Help your partner achieve their bucket list goals to make a lasting impression. It takes time and effort, but it's worth it.

Help them check an item off of their bucket list

Even small things count when checking off a grand to-do list. Experts suggest helping your partner accomplish anything on their list.

Planning a trip invests in the other person, allows creating memories together, and reveals what's important, says Randi Levin.

Plan a trip

Involving your partner in planning deepens your relationship and creates unique memories that grow and illuminate your connection.

Sharing food brings people together, and planning a meal shows how much you care. A romantic restaurant meal is enjoyable, but cooking together is more intimate.

Create a memorable meal

Creating or cooking a meal together is a heartfelt, bonding experience. It engages the senses and shows effort in customization.

Your partner may appreciate a gift even if their love language is different. It's a thoughtful gesture to show love.

Give them a thoughtful gift

A meaningful and thoughtful present like sentimental jewelry or event tickets can be a great gesture, says Kalley Hartman.

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