Ways to Advance Your Career Development


Organize Your Life

Stay organized for career success. Journals, lists, and goal-tracking aid development progress. Find peace in making and checking off tasks.

Map Your Goals

Set lofty goals, prioritize, and celebrate progress. Break goals into achievable steps. Find courses to enhance skills at The New School’s Open Campus.

Explore Losses

Track losses too, learn from mistakes, gain valuable insights.

Identify Gaps

Improve through tracking losses, focus on organization, skills, and detail-oriented approach for career success.

Expand Your Skill Sets

Fill skill gaps without debt by taking targeted steps. No need for expensive graduate school.

Talk to Management

Communicate with management confidently. You deserve to be seen and heard.

Always Ask Questions

Ask questions to learn, progress, and build relationships. It shows dedication and opens doors for help and opportunities.

Always Network

Activate networking skills for professional advancement. Utilize LinkedIn to connect with desired companies, like-minded professionals, and potential mentors.

Say Yes to “Discomfort Zones”

Step out of your comfort zone and say yes to new opportunities. Embrace challenges and conquer fears to grow personally and professionally.

Consider Your Work-Life Balance

Assess your work-life balance and career fulfillment. Avoid burnout by finding sustainable work and exploring new possibilities for a fulfilling future.

Focus on Your Wellness

Prioritize career elements and wellness for a balanced life: meditate, exercise, set work boundaries, and prioritize restful sleep.