Burn fat at home with this 7-move, no-equipment workout designed to help you lose weight.


Warm up your core & backside with a bridge exercise: Lie on back, knees bent, feet flat. Raise hips, squeeze glutes. Repeat.

Knee pushup

No weights? No problem! Try this shoulder workout: from high plank, pike hips into Downward Dog, hold, return to plank. Repeat for a challenge.

Straight-leg donkey kick

Donkey kicks: Get on all fours, push right foot back with leg straight and flexed foot. Keep hips square, squeeze glutes. Repeat on other leg.

bird dog

Bird Dog: Get on all fours, extend left arm and right leg while keeping hips square. Pause, return to start. Repeat with other side.

Forearm plank

Plank: Assume plank position on forearms, body straight from head to feet. Hold 30 sec to 1 min. Engages core, improves strength and balance.

Side-lying hip abduction

Strengthen hip muscles: Lie on left side, lift right leg up without opening hips. Repeat desired reps, switch sides. Great for sitting jobs.

Bicycle crunch

Target abs with bicycle crunches: Lie on back, bring legs to tabletop, crunch up bringing opposite elbow to knee, switch sides. Repeat.

Intermediate routine

Intermediate routine: 2 sets of 10-15 reps each, 1 min rest between. Advanced option: 1 min of each exercise, repeat twice. Aim for progress!

Dead bug

Dead bug: Lie on back, legs tabletop, arms extended. Alternate extending opposite arm and leg. Keep lower back flat to ground.