Yoga Poses for Beginners


Downward Facing Dog

Master Downward Facing Dog: shift weight to legs, raise hips high, heels stretch down. Bend knees if needed. Keep feet parallel for alignment.

Mountain Pose

Master Mountain Pose: align head to heels, shoulders and pelvis stacked. Root down with feet, lengthen spine. Get guidance from a yoga teacher.

Warrior I 

The critical thing to remember in Warrior I is that the hips face forward. Think of your hip points as headlights—they should be roughly parallel with the front of your mat. This may require you to take a wider stance.

Warrior II

Warrior II: Hips face side, shoulders open. Rotate back foot 45 degrees. Stack front knee over ankle, toes face forward. Master the pose.

Extended Side Angle

Modified Side Angle Pose: Forearm on thigh or hand on block. Keep shoulders open. Avoid compromising torso position. Chest toward ceiling, not floor.

Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend: Exhale, fold over legs. Bend knees if needed. Keep legs gently bent. Clasp elbows, sway side to side. Release tension.

Reverse Warrior

Reverse Warrior: Similar to Warrior I with a side bend/backbend. Root front foot, anchor back foot, engage glutes/hamstrings. Gaze up, knee over ankle, sink into hips.

Garland Pose

Garland Pose: A hip opener and foot stretch. Props can assist if difficult: sit on a block or use towel/blanket under heels. Press heels down.

Half Forward Bend

Practice the flat-back forward bend for body awareness. Often rushed in sun salutation, it's worth taking time to work on independently.

Pyramid Pose

Enhance Pyramid pose with yoga blocks for accessibility. Raise floor level for comfortable hand reach. Enjoy a hamstring stretch with care.

Urdhva Hastasana: Extend arms high while grounding through legs. Full body stretch for yoga practice.

Raised Hands Pose