Yoga Poses for Beginners

Downward Facing Dog

Tips for Downward Facing Dog: Keep weight in legs, hips high, heels reaching towards floor. Bend knees if needed. Keep feet parallel.

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose alignment: Straight line from head to heels, shoulders & pelvis stacked. Focus on rooting feet & lengthening spine.


Warrior II pose: Hips face side of mat, shoulders & hips open to side. Back foot angled at 45 degrees. Front knee over ankle, toes face forward.

Extended Side Angle

Mod for Extended Side Angle: Forearm on thigh or block, not reaching too far too soon. Keep shoulders open, chest turned toward ceiling.

Triangle Pose

Triangle pose mod: Use block or rest hand on shin/thigh, avoid knee. Micro-bend knees to ease tension. Benefits: strength, flexibility, balance.

Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend: Exhale, fold over legs. Bend knees to release spine if needed. Keep legs gently bent, feet hip-width apart. Clasp elbows and sway if desired.

Reverse Warrior

Reverse Warrior: Similar stance to Warrior I, heart-opening side bend/backbend. Root front foot, anchor back foot, engage glutes/hamstrings. Gaze up, front knee over ankle, sink into hips.

Garland Pose

Squatting is a great stretch for the muscles around the pelvis and feet, but it can be challenging. Props like a block or towel under the heels can help. Keep pressing the heels down.

Half Forward Bend

Flat-back forward bend is often rushed in sun salutations, but it's worth taking time to work on independently. Glance in the mirror to help keep your back flat and use your hands on your legs if needed.