Zodiac Signs Defined: One Word Descriptions by Astrologer

With their independent and impetuous character, Aries leaves a lasting impression, always finding innovative ways to attain success.

Aries: Inventive

Taurus: Reliable, grounded, and resolute; firm in their beliefs and well-known for their practical and sturdy temperament.

Taurus: Unwavering

Geminis are charming social butterflies with a keen eye and sharpness. The adjective that best describes them is clever.

Gemini: Clever

Cancer is the truth-seeker of the zodiac, intuitive and emotionally attached, with a strong third eye.

Cancer: Intuitive

Leo—the zodiac's scene-stealers. Their warmth, extroversion, and humor charm others. They're party starters.

Leo: Animated

Virgos are perceptive, critical thinkers who dig through data. They are well-known for their street smarts and keen wit.

Virgo: Savvy

Libras are lively, enthusiastic, and full of excitement, eager to try new things and provide energy to any setting.

Libra: Lively

Scorpio: Mysterious, emotional, and faithful. Their devotion is unsurpassed, but their depth and intensity make them hard to understand.

Scorpio: Complex

Sagittarius: The Expansive Adventurer, Always Seeking New Experiences and Embracing Life's Endless Possibilities

Sagittarius: Expansive

Capricorns are misunderstood but tenacious. They are determined, resilient, and laser-focused on their objectives.

Capricorn: Tenacious

Aquarius: Be different. Unconventional, eccentric, and irregular, you discover beauty in the unconventional. Uniquely you.

Aquarius: Eccentric

Pisces: Compassionate, artistic, and expressive - the deep-feeling creative seeking balance and communicating via sincere creations. 

Pisces: Expressive

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